Chimney Flue and Liners For Your St Louis Home or Business

Chimney Flue in St. LouisYour home’s chimney flue and liner are vital in safely and efficiently venting smoke and gases safely from your St Louis furnace, fireplace, stove, or boiler to the outside. A properly installed and maintained flue helps ventilate and remove dangerous fumes, smoke, and gasses and disperses them away from your Missouri home or business.

A chimney tile liner helps keep flue gasses where they belong, and they help isolate combustible materials from high heat and prevent creosote from seeping through brick and mortar. If your chimney liner or flue has sustained storm damage or is crumbling from age and neglect, fix it now!

We have the answers if you’re asking how much a new chimney flue, chimney cap, chimney inspection, or chimney repair costs. Check out the average prices of chimney repairs, flue liner replacements, and tuckpointing costs on our estimates page.

Call Massey Tuckpointing & Masonry at (314) 200-9488 to schedule your FREE estimate and to assess your situation and the necessary flue liner repairs, modifications, or installation costs.

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