Professional Caulk Application:

Saving Energy, Increasing Comfort and Keeping the Outdoors Outside:

Chimney repair and caulking in st louis

In these lean times, every business and home owner is looking to save money on utility bills and extend and improve the life span, integrity and energy-efficiency of their building or home. One great way to save energy and improve the comfort and integrity of your structure is to have professional caulking applied throughout your structure.

Massey Tuckpointing and Masonry, the same folks you already trust for your tuckpointing, masonry, chimney repair and cleaning needs, are the same pros to call when seeking professional caulking and weatherproofing services.

Types of Caulking Provided by Massey Tuckpointing and Masonry:

  • Latex (3-10 year life) Caulk-typically used outdoors.
  • Butyl Rubber (3-10 year life). Used for high moisture areas
  • Acrylic Latex (10 years). Great around doors and windows.
  • Silicon-Latex Blend (20+years). Excellent elasticity. Excellent weathering.
  • Silicone (20-50 years). Good all around—moisture resistant, applies to many surfaces
  • Urethane (20-50 years life). Excellent elasticity, adherence and moisture resistance
  • Elastomeric Copolymers-(50+). Can be applied below freezing. Works on many surfaces.


We only use the correct caulking solution or solutions, to professionally and thoroughly weatherproof your Missouri structure.

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