How much does tuckpointing, chimney repair, a chimney cap cost?
What is the average cost for tuckpointing or chimney repairs?


What is tuckpointing?

Answer: Tuckpointing, repointing, or pointing are terms and variations on spelling for the building art (masonry) that uses mortar to either construct or repair mortar deteriorated due to weather and age. Tuckpointing joins the bricks or stonework. Tuckpointing is used on brick or stone structures, including brick homes, chimneys, porches, landscaping, and walls.


How much does St. Louis tuckpointing cost?

Answer: The average cost of a St. Louis tuckpointing project is currently $1,714.00. Each project has different variables that must be considered when calculating a tuckpointing or repointing project.


How much does caulking cost?

Answer: The current average cost for professional St. Louis caulking is approximately $125.00=$200.00 per window or other similar structure. Caulking can also be applied to door frames, entry ways, walls, etc. We can provide an accurate, FREE bid after taking measurements and inspecting the area.


How much does tuckpointing cost?

Answer: It’s difficult to answer the question due to many variables, including the size of the structure, the amount of missing or damaged mortar, the condition of the structure, and the height of brick structures, including chimneys. A national average from a home advisor website estimates that the national average is approximately $15.00 per square foot. Some estimates show as low as $5.00 per square foot or as high as $25.00 per square foot.


How much does a chimney relining installation cost?

Answer: According to a major home improvement site, the average cost in the US is $2,500.00. In some cases, it can be as much as $7,000.00. Price is based on the length of the chimney, the chimney’s condition, labor costs, the roof pitch, permits, and the type of liner needed.


How much does a chimney repair cost?

Answer: The cost of a chimney repair can vary widely, but a partial rebuild (from the roofline up) currently costs between a low of $1,500.00 and a high of $3,500.00. If a complete chimney rebuild is needed, the national average is between $4,000.00 and $15,000.00. The size of the chimney, structure condition, permits, etc., can impact the final cost.


How much does a chimney cap cost?

Answer: The national average for a new chimney cap and installation is approximately $300.00 and can be as high as $1,000.00. Prices for St. Louis chimney repairs, caps, and flue liners vary widely.


How long does tuckpointing last?

Answer: Most professionals agree that a properly-performed tuckpointing job done by a professional should last between 25-30 years. Many experts suggest that tuck pointing should be inspected every 10-15 years. Humidity, extreme weather, rain, freezing, and thawing can negatively impact the lifespan of tuckpointing.

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