St. Louis chimney inspections
Massey Tuckpointing uses the Chim-Cam Chimney Camera on St. Louis chimney inspections.

Don’t use your St. Louis chimney!

That’s right. Before you enjoy a nice cozy fire, Massey Tuckpointing and Masonry wants to know: “When was the last time you had a professional chimney inspection and chimney cleaning?” For a limited time only, Massey Tuckpointing & Masonry is offering great prices on St. Louis chimney inspections and chimney cleaning.

If you use your fireplace regularly, a yearly inspection is highly recommended. In fact, using your fireplace without an annual inspection puts you and your family at risk for a chimney fire or other potential venting issues. We can discuss which kind of chimney inspection you need for your home, business or rental property. We are competitively priced and we don’t cut corners.

Chimney caps, bricks, flue liners, smoke chambers and more are subject to dangerous creosote buildup, deterioration, cracks, missing mortar and more. That’s why it’s important for your safety and enjoyment, to schedule an annual chimney inspection.

Massey Tuckpointing is currently offering a Level 1 Inspection (most common). For that low price, you will enjoy peace of mind and know that your chimney is safe to enjoy. We also offer professional St. Louis chimney cleanings.

A Level 1 Chimney Inspection is recommended in these following cases:

  • Evaluating your fireplace for current use
  • When you need a routine or yearly evaluation of the venting system
  • During or before a professional chimney cleaning.
  • You’re replacing an appliance with a similar or identical appliance
  • Checking for visible obstructions and buildup

During a Level 1 Chimney Inspection, Massey visually inspects your chimney for visible and obvious issues such as cracking, missing mortar or bricks, and the obvious buildup of creosote.

There are two additional levels of chimney inspections: Level II and Level III. If you’ve experienced a chimney fire, use your fireplace often, are buying or selling a home or business with a fireplace, or have had structural damage, a higher-level inspection may be required. We will shoot you straight and give you all your options.

A Level II Inspection May Be Required if:

  • You’re Buying or Selling a Home or Business and there’s a fireplace in the structure
  • The chimney survived either weather or fire damage
  • The chimney is used regularly or daily for extended periods of time

A Level III Chimney Inspection is the most detailed of the three levels and may be required in the following cases:

  • When a chimney is being reconstructed due to defects or damage
  • When extensive chimney repairs are required
  • When removing or opening parts of the chimney to get a detailed view is required
  • When known issues are dangerous or extensive

No matter what level of chimney inspection your need, your trusted, trained, and experienced St. Louis chimney inspectors and chimney sweeps at Massey Tuckpointing & Masonry, have you covered. You can be confident in Massey and the care and attention to detail we take with every tuckpointing, masonry, chimney repair, chimney inspection, and chimney cleaning project.

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