Spring Tuckpointing.

Winter 2022 in St. Louis is almost completely over. The constant thaw and freeze cycle, low temperatures, and winter winds have taken a toll on your St. Louis home’s tuckpointing and exterior. You may be noticing missing or deteriorating brick mortar and even lose bricks or stones.

We know that times are tough and the price of everything is up, but that doesn’t mean that tuckpointing needs to cost an arm-and-a-leg. Massey Tuckpointing, WBE business, veteran-operated, family business of skilled masonry professionals, is ready to get your St. Louis home or business looking brand new. Our estimators are getting booked up fast, but we’d love to fit your free tuckpointing estimate booked and completed as soon as possible. We never cut corners, offer a low-ball estimate, or gouge the consumer. We offer rock-solid workmanship at great prices. And, unlike many other tuckpointing outfits, we stand by what we sell. We also offer great customer service, clear and timely communications, and great work that you’ll be proud of for years to come.

We are booking up fast, so if you’re interested in receiving a prompt, accurate, transparent St. Louis tuckpointing quote, look no further. We are ready to tell you what issues you might have, what’s the best and most affordable solution, and get you booked and on your way. Whether it’s a crumbling chimney, missing chimney cap, chimney flue liner, discolored, cracking or missing bricks, or missing mortar, we’re ready.

Please call Spring at (314) 200-9488 today and get your St. Louis tuckpointing project started ASAP. We invite you to read our nearly decades worth of satisfied St. Louis tuckpointing customer reviews. When you choose Massey Tuckpointing and Masonry, you are choosing the best tuckpointers, skilled masons,Saint Louis Tuckpointing and building arts professionals that take pride in doing a great job. Let us make you a believer.

Did Your Tuckpointing Weather The Winter?

St. Louis weather is harsh, unpredictable, and dynamic. The freeze-thaw cycle during the winter and spring can wreak havoc on your St. Louis home or business. The winter can loosen bricks and mortar, or even damage your chimney flue, chimney cap, and chimney crown. Our skilled, trained, and trusted masons have seen it all, and they know how to fix it the right way.

Massey Tuckpointing, the trusted name, and family-owned St. Louis tuckpointing company are ready to help. We shoot you straight. We tell you exactly what you need, and we pride ourselves on transparent pricing, excellent work, and superior service from the first call and after the job is completed. Unlike some fly-by-night operations that don’t take pride in their work, or engage in skimming (the removal of the surface mortar only), leave your home or yard a wreck, we believe there’s only one way to do the work–the right way and without cutting corners. We clean up, respect your privacy and schedule, and try to be as unintrusive as possible.

We’ve been repairing chimneys, stonework, old buildings, new homes, residential, commercial, and everything around. We have thousands of satisfied customers that take the time to leave glowing reviews and even recommend us to family, friends, and neighbors.

Don’t put off your chimney and brick repairs another year, get in gear and give Massey Tuckpointing a call today at (314) 200-9488. Book your FREE estimate and get on our calendar.

Brick Blog: St Louis Tuckpointing Talk

Don’t ignore the crumbling mortar on your St Louis chimney, home or business building. Crumbling mortar is more than unsightly, it can also cause bricks, thus the structure, to shift or deteriorate. Don’t delay, call Massey Tuckpointing & Masonry, LLC: (314) 486-3300

Homeowners: Avoid the St Louis Tuckpointing “Skimmers!”

Unfortunately there are St Louis contractors, specifically tuckpointers, that cut corners and worse. A good example of this is local tuckpointers who are what we like to call “skimmers.” Skimmers are unscrupulous tuckpointers who disguise crumbling, deteriorating tuckpointing by applying a quick, thin application over existing mortar. Massey Tuckpointing & Masonry, LLC, your trusted St Louis tuckpointers and brick layers, never engage in the practice. Instead, we remove all the old, inferior mortar and apply a new layer of top-quality, long-lasting, superior mortar and we’ll let you know what you need BEFORE we start and complete the job. We care about each and every job and each every customer. We want to be the company that you recommend to your Missouri family, friends and associates.