Do Creosote Logs Work?

Have You Ever Wondered If Those CSL Logs Work?

Many of our St. Louis tuckpointing and chimney cleaning customers have asked us about the effectiveness of those advertised creosote logs, and their effectiveness in reducing or eliminating dangerous creosote buildup in their chimneys.

The simple answer is, yes. A recognized chimney cleaning industry organization, The Chimney Institute of America, say they do, but there’s more to the story. Sole reliance on a creosote log to clean your chimney thoroughly is not wise. A creosote log is not enough to ensure a safe season of using and enjoying your fireplace. While a creosote log helps remove some creosote, there’s still creosote left behind.

Creosote, as many homeowners already know, is a dangerous sticky, flammable substance that attaches to your chimney’s walls and chimney flue. While creosote chimney logs can help, they’re no substitute for a professional chimney inspection and thorough cleaning. While the log can help dehydrate the creosote and make it fall off easier, only a professional chimney inspection and cleaning can remove creosote to optimum levels.

Creosote is not the only concern when it comes to your St. Louis chimney or fireplace. Animals, debris, bird nests, missing mortar, damaged flue liners, damaged or missing chimney caps, loose bricks, etc. can also lead to dangerous and costly chimney issues if they’re left unchecked.

Don’t take chances with your home or your family’s safety, book a professional chimney inspector and chimney sweep for true peace of mind.

The professional tuck pointers, chimney repair pros, and chimney sweeps at Massey Tuckpointing & Masonry have been serving St. Louis and the St. Louis Metro customers for decades.  We know how to make sure your chimney is in optimum condition and working safely.

Call Massey Tuckpointing & Masonry and schedule your professional St. Louis chimney inspection and cleaning. We are ready to serve you.