Fireplace Time!

Fall is already here, and winter is not far behind. You’re probably already noticing the falling leaves, crisp air, and falling temperatures. This is exactly the time that most St. Louis residents start using their fireplaces. The problem is, if you haven’t had your chimney inspected or had a proper chimney sweeping, you might be risking a chimney fire. Make sure your chimney is ready for warm, glowing fires and nights cuddling inside. Massey Tuckpointing and Masonry, your St. Louis chimney experts, can inspect, repair and clean your chimney. Don’t delay. Call Matt to schedule your free quote and to learn more about our chimney cleaning and repair services.

Bad Contractors

After a storm or other major weather event, the storm chasers and unscrupulous contracts come out of the woodwork. Many don’t even need a storm to start their grifting operations.  Many homeowner will eventually need a roofer, plumber, painter, electrician or a tuckpointer. How do you avoid getting ripped off or getting left with substandard work?

At Massey Tuckpointing, we love an educated consumer. To that end, we’d like to provide you with these miscellaneous tips:

Say NO to any contractor that pressures you to sign a contract right up front, especially if they’re making the claim that the special price is only available if you sign today. Take your time, do your homework, and read over any agreement carefully. If you don’t understand any part of it, ask a professional to take a look. Signing a bad contract or one you don’t understand, can cause major headaches if things go astray.

Refuse to do business with any contractor that doesn’t offer some type of written contract or agreement. Make sure you both sign it. Some less than scrupulous contractors will claim that there’s no need for a contract. If an issue arises and you have no contract, it will make nearly impossible to get restitution.

Does the contractor have references or testimonials?  If not, that’s a strong red flag that the contractor is not making happy customers out of his prospects.

Check reviews of contractors on their site, Angie’s List, the BBB, and other reputable websites or resources.  If you see more than a few negative comments and they seem to be consistent, avoid this contractor.

Avoid a contractor that asks you do sign over your insurance settlement check to him.   Keep that check yourself and make payments as your deem fit.

A contractor asks you to pay the entire cost up front. These is unwise and eliminates any leverage you might have should a contractor become less that consistent or professional. Paying a deposit is completely acceptable as long as it’s no over 50% of the total cost of the project.

The contractor expects final payment before the project is completed. Make sure that final payment is made after you’re happy with and have inspected all work.  In many cases in St Louis, inspections may be required to ensure that the work has been done to code.

Finally, avoid any contractor that lacks a verifiable business address.

Remember, Massey Tuckpointing has plenty of references, detailed agreements that document scope of work and prices and we never require all payment upfront or use unscrupulous methods to dupe clients. We are above board, straight forward and vetted. If you need St Louis tuckpointing, we are the trustworthy, ethical professional St. louis contractors you will trust enough to recommend to friends and family.




Chimney Sweeping

During the summer, your St. Louis Chimney may not be the first thing on your mind. But summer is actually a great time to take care of chimney repairs and cleaning before fall and winter are upon us. Massey Tuckpointing, your trusted and highly-rated St. Louis, MO tuckpointing company, can serve your tuckpointing, chimney repair and chimney sweeping needs any day of the week and every month of the year.

Happy Fourth of July!

Massey Tuckpointing & Masonry would like to take this opportunity to wish our customers, employees, and our fellow Americans, a Happy Fourth of July!

Fourth of July Fireworks.
Fourth of July Fireworks

Springtime Tuckpointing

Springtime is the perfect time to finally schedule the tuckpointing, chimney repair and brick repair projects that you’ve been putting off. Massey Tuckpointing & Masonry are busy scheduling St. Louis homeowners and business owners for accurate, fast estimates and putting your project on the calendar ASAP.  Don’t put it off any longer. Crumbling mortar and damaged structures won’t get any better on their own.Tuckpointing and masonry work in St Louis mo

“Professional companies”

“Thanks!  You guys (Massey Tuckpointing) are very professional, one of the most organized and professional companies I’ve dealt with.  Feel free to use me as a reference for future customers.”-S. Colton


Chimney Work

“I will put a check in the mail today.  I appreciate the good work on our chimney; the fellas working at my house were very friendly and courteous, too.  I’ll certainly have you back again if needed and I’ll gladly recommend you when I can”-Jason Retterchimney-sweeping-st-louis-mo

Super Bowl 50

We hope your team wins tonight in Super Bowl 50. Whether you’re rooting for the Panthers or the Broncos, we’ll still be here to take care of all your tuckpointing, masonry, brick repair and chimney cleaning needs.

St Louis Magazine:

St Louis MagazineSt. Louis Magazine has named Massey Tuckpointing as one of their “Top Home Experts” of 2016.  We are honored to be selected by their readers and this prestigious magazine.