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Homeowners: Avoid the St Louis Tuckpointing “Skimmers!”

Unfortunately there are St Louis contractors, specifically tuckpointers, that cut corners and worse.  A good example of this is local tuckpointers who are what we like to call “skimmers.”  Skimmers are unscrupulous tuckpointers who disguise crumbling, deteriorating tuckpointing by applying a quick, thin application over existing mortar.  Massey Tuckpointing & Masonry, LLC, your trusted St Louis tuckpointers and brick layers, never engage in the practice.  Instead, we remove all the old, inferior mortar and apply a new layer of top-quality, long-lasting, superior mortar and we’ll let you know what you need BEFORE we start and complete the job.  We care about each and every job and each every customer.  We want to be the company that you recommend to your Missouri family, friends and associates.